Akron Erectors Accelerates Tonnage Placement Pace at Akron Headworks WRF through 2020.}
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Akron Erectors Accelerates Tonnage Placement Pace at Akron Headworks WRF through 2020.

AKRON, OH. (Feb. 1, 2020) The original City of Akron Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) was put into operation in 1916 capable of treating 8 million gallons of sewage per day. In the pursuant century massive changes in population, size, and characteristics in service area, have occurred.

Today peak flows reach up to 300 MGD, total service area is approximately 96 square miles servicing a population of over 300,000 in Akron and the surrounding communities of Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Springfield, Mogadore, Lakemore, Tallmadge, Fairlawn, Bath, and Montrose.

Expansion facilities, technology advancement, and improvements have been ongoing continually through the growth of the Midwestern industrial city. As part of the current phase of improvements, Akron Erectors Inc. will place 1,400 tons of Akron Rebar Co. supplied structural steel at the Akron Headworks Water Reclamation Facility through December 2020, under contract to Kenmore Construction Co.

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As our infrastructure ages and technology changes, partnering with a proven construction front-runner that understands the critical nature of water treatment plant construction is paramount.

Jack Widmer Director of Sales and Marketing at Akron Rebar Company explained; “To maintain ourselves as the industry leader in complex infrastructure projects such as water treatment plants, we have to consistently exceed client expectations and elevate industry standards”.

“By combining that professional commitment with our unique state-of-the-art production techniques we offer ourselves as a value-added asset to our construction allies in erecting safe facilities in our communities” Widmer added.

There will continue to be numerous expansions and improvements to the Akron facility to keep up with the necessity for safe clean water, and to meet the changing environmental conditions, restrictions, and demands in the 21st century.

For more information, please visit Akronrebar.com/PROJECTS

Press Contact: Jack W. Widmer, Director of Sales, Marketing