Precast | AkronRebar

At Akron Rebar Company, we understand the unique and critical requirements of the precast industry. Uniformity, exacting bend tolerances, and precise assembly of reinforcement bar, are essential to achieve the high quality required for this critical component of infrastructure.

Our state-of-the-art, fully automated cut and bend stations the likes of which there are but only a handful in the entire country, assures that we meet those needs. The precast Industry has come to rely on Akron Rebar Company for reinforcement steel in all precast products and applications, including custom engineered products.

The right equipment, the engineering knowledge, and our unsurpassed service, Make Akron Rebar Company the go-to fabricator for precast companies nationwide. If you offer architectural and structural precast components, count on us for timely delivery of your customized reinforcement steel—at competitive pricing. We’ll work with you to achieve your project solutions.