Mechanical Couplers & Form Savers | AkronRebar

Mechanical Connections provide a greater degree of structural integrity and strength under tension, and compression than traditional lap splicing. Mechanical splicing systems maintain the load path continuity of the structural reinforcement and do not depend on the concrete for load transfer. Couplers also provide a cost-effective solution to rebar congestion in tight placement situations.

Form Savers are ideal for staged construction and segmental pour applications such as precast, stairwells, highway, and bridge construction. They eliminate protruding dowel bars, and the need for temporary openings, or drilling holes into the formwork. Form Savers are available in rebar sizes #4 through #11 and designed for easy attachment to the form.

Akron Rebar Company provides a complete range of Mechanical Couplers, and Form Savers, proprietary designs from reliable and trusted manufacturers such as LentonĀ® Splice Products, BarSplice Products Inc., and Dayton Superior.

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