Infrastructure: Water Treatment

Water Reclamation, Waste Treatment and Conveyance Facilities

Wastewater Treatment is an essential infrastructure component of all cities and surrounding communities. Akron Rebar Company’s team of highly skilled professionals are respected throughout the industry and have been entrusted with the fabrication and erection of the reinforcement steel within these highly complex structures for decades.

Highlighted Recent Projects

Hazel Storage Basin -Akron Water Reclamation Facility (WWTP)
Treating 75 million gallons daily and servicing a population of 330,000, the facility has been in continuous operation since 1928, and utilizes the latest treatment processes and technology to safely return water back to the environment. The Hazel Storage Basin has a 4.5 million gallon capacity and contains 1,000 tons of rebar fabricated and placed by Akron Rebar Company.

Euclid Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plant
Membrane Bioreactor technology for wastewater treatment and reclamation is a more efficient and compact technology for treating municipal and industrial wastewater than traditional treatment processes. Upon completion, the Euclid MBR plant will be the fifth largest MBR plant in the world. Under direct contract to Kokosing Industrial, the Akron Rebar Company team was a critical construction ally in the $98M project, in which we fabricated and installed 2,300 tons of reinforcement steel.

Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (TDPS)
Cleveland Water has an extensive distribution system utilizing 4 primary pump stations encompassing a 640 square mile service area, and servicing a population of approximately 5 million across Northeast Ohio. The Easterly Pump Station project was the second major component scheduled as part of the $3B Easterly CSO Plan Improvements Project and was one of the largest combined sewer overflow (CSO) pump station enterprises ever undertaken in the United States.
The pump station is situated 230 feet underground, is approximately 185′ long by 45′ wide by 60′ high. The main shaft is approximately 45′ in diameter and contains an elevator, main stairwell, and an equipment removal shaft. Akron Rebar Company lead the way by fabricating and installing 2,000 tons of reinforcement steel, as part of a collaborative effort in the construction of this huge combined sewer overflow improvements program.

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