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Homebuilders know that the most essential element of a new home is a solid foundation, that is why quality builders consistently turn to Akron Rebar Company to supply the highest quality reinforcement steel for the masonry and concrete substructures of their building projects.

Whether the project is a significant residential development which requires deliveries coordinated by individual lot, or a single home build whereby the contractor picks-up the materials at our conveniently located warehouse in Akron Ohio, Akron Rebar Company has been the go-to rebar fabricator for large construction companies, concrete suppliers, and general contractors alike for decades.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Constructors rely on us to fabricate essential reinforcement bar components such as foundation dowels, brick ledge stirrups, corner bar, and slab dowels for the entire building envelope. Ordering theses key structural components pre-fabricated and cut-to length, frees up significant labor and man hours on the site.

If your company is looking for cost effective steel reinforcement options for your design/build project contact Akron Rebar Company today.